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LOANYPTO is a DeFi platform launched in 2020 by MRM Group, based on the BIXBCoin blockchain, which provides loans to BixB Coin holders. While the people's interests have been ignored in our current economy, not everyone has the same chance to benefit from fair financial services. We can transform this economic system by combining honesty, humanity, and the power of cryptocurrencies. In this regard, LOANYPTO provides loans with fair profit, low commission, and fast transactions without requiring credit checks or guarantors, which are among the services that banks have forgotten about. LOANYPTO aims to challenge the current financial system by giving equal opportunities to all people globally as a decentralized lending system. In recent years decentralized lending has become more popular globally. Loanypto, founded by an experienced team of investment, payment, and technology experts known as MRM Group, also has stepped into the market as one of the lending platforms through the BIXBCoin blockchain.

The Idea Behind Loanypto

Loanypto was looking for a solution to people’s issue in generating returns from their cryptocurrency while using it to purchase a property, start a job, etc., to provide multi advantages of cryptocurrency at the same time. It now enables users to acquire a loan without credit checks or the necessity of a guarantor and don't have to liquidate their crypto assets. You can register with only an email address and receive your loan immediately. Let's start!

Digital currencies are growing

Digital currencies are growing, gaining further value in the global economy. This creates new loaning systems. Investors often look for a market where capital is not controlled and not subject to taxes. In addition, investors usually look for a market where their payment records are not investigated. So, cryptocurrency can present a good solution for all these problems when it comes to loaning.