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Bixbcoin; The Jewel of Cryptocurrency World
Bixbcoin network generates new blocks about every 2.5 minutes, four times quicker than bitcoin, where blocks are mined approximately every 10 minutes. Accordingly, Bixbcoin's transaction throughput is around four times faster than Bitcoin's. In addition, Since there is only a fixed amount of 2,998,500 BIXB in total, it is often referred to as the jewel of the crypto world.

Why BixBCoin?

BixBCoin upgrades the traditional blockchain-based traditional payment system and adds value to your money. A powerful, safe, and reliable asset has been built for you to pay and transfer bixbcoin across the border without the controls by banks and intermediaries

Accessible Digital Currency

An always accessible digital currency with no storage expense that, of course, creates value. BixBCoin speed, accuracy, and safety let you make easy and safe transactions

Where does the income come from? HODLing

BixBCoin is like a golden item with only 2,998,500 coins existing across the world. So buy, retain, and sold when it is worth the sales. Of course if you ever want to sell.

BIXBPay Payment Gateway

This payment API allows you to integrate & accept BIXBCoin payments into your website. The BIXBPay free API links the checkout system of your business to a payment processing network that helps your clients make transactions.

BixBCoin is a multiplatform

BixBCoin is a multiplatform digital property that has revolutionized the world of cryptocurrencies through HODLing, mining, loaning, and referral marketing at a highly secure level with extensive support

Join BixBcoin Miners

Get a license, install mining software on your device, enter the BixB Coin pool, confirm transactions, and get bonus coins

Acquire a loan

Acquire a loan. Using BixBCoin, you can borrow cash or coins and repay with a low interest. It might be interesting to know that you will get interest on your collateral too.


Probix is a professional staking platform exclusively provided for BIXBCoin HODLers. Probix benefits users by a compound interest provided in various incentive investing packages. Let's find out more!

BixB's Ecosystem

Use, spend, buy and sell your BixB coins

One of our missions is to build a complete ecosytem consisting of service, shop, exchange, third party integration and partnership for the BixB coin. We will stay focused on this goal and aim to achieve it soon. Be sure to visit this website to be kept up-to date.

Just 2,998,500 Coins

There are only 2,998,500 BixB coins in the world. You will be able to mine BixB coins with the same probability of a mining reward as every other miner, making BixB a uniquely egalitarian currency.


Users can explore a wide variety of data, such as the state of a transaction, transaction histories, balances of addresses, the blockchain's hash rate, and the rate of transaction growth.

BixB Exchange is a powerful online banking platform

No limitation

Money is sent/received fast – no delay, no limitation.


The BixB home-ecosystem is capable of hanling higher transaction volume than its counterpart. Due to more frequent block generation, the network supports more transactions without a need to modify the software in the future.

Negligible Fees

Send as much as you want always with negligible fees.

Send or Receive

Send or receive (BixB coins) or mine and earn a passive income while sleeping, doing sports, at work, anytime, anywhere with the Windows 32 App, Windows 64 App, iOS App, Android App, Linux App, MacOS App and/or Web Wallet.


Payments are made directly from one person to another.

Money is sent/received fast - no delay, no limitation.
Anyone can use it anywhere.
BixB does something that banks are not able to do.


Business Idea


Developer Team


Business Plan & Whitepaper

15 Feb 2019

Blockchain Network

29 Jan 2020

Linux App

18 Feb 2020

Windows 32/64 bit App

15 Feb 2020

Block Explorer

20 Feb 2020

Initial Coin Offering

15 March 2020

Bixb Miner

15 Mar 2020

Android App

20 Mar 2020


20 Mar 2020

Internal Exchange

20 April 2020

Web Wallet

1 May 2020

Payment Gateway API

5 May 2020

Official Mining Pool

20 Jul 2020

Update Whitepaper

20 Jul 2020

Loan Platform

1 Aug 2020


15 Aug 2020

iOS App

Q3 2021

MacOs App

Q3 2021


Q3 2021

Roadmap 2022

Q1 2022

ProBix Staking Platform

Q1 2022

Exchange Listing (FixBit)

Q1 2022

Developing The Idea of Metaverse (Metabix)

Q1 2022

Gathering A Professional Team

Q1 2022

Loanypto New Update

Q2 2022

BIXBPay New Update + WooCommerce Plugin

Q2 2022

New Exchange Listing

Q2 2022

Releasing A New BIXB Wallet (iOS/Android)

Q2 2022 Platform

Q2 2022

Publishing Metabix Website

Q2 2022

Strategic Market Expansion In Europe

Q3 2022

Whitepaper Rev.02

Q3 2022

Metabix Airdrop

Q3 2022

Metabix Marketplace

Q3 2022

Metabix 1st Pre-Sale

Q3 2022

Metabix 1st Demo

Q3 2022

Listing on A Top 20 Wallet

Q3 2022


Q4 2022

New Exchange Listing

Q4 2022

Metabix 2nd Pre-Sale

Q4 2022

Introducing The Top Major Investors of Metabix

Q4 2022

Metabix Final Demo

Q4 2022

Let's Develop Our Exprience of Life in Metaverse!


BixB Wallet Feature

Lower Fees

Bixbcoin’s technology improves Bitcoin’s infrastructure, including lower transaction costs. Once you transfer BTC from one wallet to another, you lose crypto as the transaction fee. Bixbcoin’s network is more efficient than Bitcoin, & you lose fewer funds when sending/receiving.

Faster speed

Bixbcoin’s improved network enables users to send or receive coins much faster than many similar blockchains. The average Bixbcoin transaction takes roughly 2.5 minutes to complete, while the average Bitcoin transaction is about 10 minutes.

Open source

Bixbcoin is created upon an inherently open-sourced fork of the BTC Core Client, making it much easier for developers to modify the system and implement new features to keep up with the market's needs. Bixbcoin’s flexibility allows developers to implement advanced security patches to keep up with hackers’ altering attack methods.

High Security

Bixbcoin networked is secured by the advanced ADG algorithm, protecting it against 51% attack. Leading security technologies have been used to protect all Bixbcoin platforms developed by MRM Group to provide a safe environment for all users in the cryptocurrency space.


Bixbcoin’s governance is entirely decentralized as it is a blockchain-based project. All transactions are public, traceable, and permanently stored in the Bixbcoin’s explorer. Bixbcoin addresses are used to determine where Bixbcoins are allocated and where they are transferred.

Mining Process

Bixbcoin uses the Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm that makes it a minable cryptocurrency. BIXB windows wallet functions simultaneously as a mining software for all BIXB miners participating in confirming transactions. They receive their reward in BIXB on the same wallet they’ve set up the miner.

BIXBCoin For Payment

Bixbcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money.

Bixbcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bixbcoin is carried out collectively by the network. Bixbcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bixbcoin and everyone can take part. Through many of its unique properties, Bixbcoin allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system.

Block Reward:
0 (Original reward : 1500)
Difficulty adjustment algorithm:
Dark Gravity Wave 3
Block Time :
2.5 Min
Total Supply :